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Our football club is a chance for children to express themselves, play with freedom and learn new skills. With the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful game through small side games and mini tournaments with their fellow peers.


Using soft arrows children have the freedom to practice over and over, improving their hand-eye coordination, accuracy, upper body strength, core stability, focus and balance in a safe environment, there are lots of different games which also includes mathematics such as around the clock, adding up their scores, we will also run fun competitions.

Laser tag

From individual games to team games laser tag is a great way to improve children’s confidence, awareness, bravery, strategic play, team work, communication, children are asked to build bases with a team, and play different game modes such as capture the flag, all against all, protect the president and many more.

Mixed sports

Is a combination of our clubs, this is an introduction to sports great for beginners or children who are undecided of their favourite sport, sports/ games will rotate weekly.

Tennis/racket sports

Swingball is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, build confidence and get repetition of hitting the ball, we also work on individual racket/ball skills and mini tennis/badminton games.


Learning new skills with the stick whilst playing animated games, with lots of twists and turns and beginner movements, lots of passing pair games and small sided games.


 This super fun activity is great for beginners and intermediates alike. Children will learn new movements & rolls. While they play balance and reaction games and do core strength exercises. This activitiy will help to develop flexibility, strength and posture, enhance co-ordination and agility, develop creativity and build self-confidence.


If your child loves to boogie at home, would love to be introduced to and try lots of different dance styles, then this is the club for them. With no pressure children can perform solo or in groups with their peers to their favourite tracks, Improving body movement, general rhythm & coordination all helping to build self confidence.


Setup through a passion of two people who are intent on sharing their love for sport with others. Leaving behind a methodology and level of enjoyment they have felt through their lives. Using all the experience gained in the years of teaching and training at various levels Ben and Grant setup the NEAT academy as a way of instilling their core beliefs into a younger generation.

  • Fun and Engaging
  • Sport is for all
  • Diverse, challenging but achievable
  • Using sport as a way to be creative
  • Learning step by step
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Channeling energy
  • Improving teamwork
  • Increasing flexibility and motor skills
  • Leave a long lasting impression on children on the fun and benefits of sports

NEAT academy quickly went from strength to strength, we are now in over multiple schools across various counties. We are growing quickly and have teamed up with multiple associations and clubs to offer the finest coaching methods to teams and individuals.
As well as creating and developing new methods that ensure children are always stimulated, meaning they look forward to our sessions, we set targets and goals regularly and help children smash through them.
We look forward to welcoming your child onto one of our classes or parties.

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