• NEAT Safeguarding: protecting children from abuse and maltreatment. preventing harm to children’s health or development. ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and effective care.
  • Occasionally sessions and services do have to be cancelled at short notice due to circumstances beyond NEATs control including inclement weather but not limited too. In the event of a session or service is cancelled NEAT will contact the relevant people with the correct service of communication. NEAT reserves the right to amend and change coaches at short notice for reason beyond our control
  • Children in KS1 will be collected from their respected classes by the head coach of each session. Children in KS2 are required to walk to the allocated location. If this is not possible parent / carers should contact NEAT directly to confirm alternative collection provision should this fall in line with NEAT capacity?
  • Entry to the session may be refused due to various reasons as stated below:
    – Children should arrive to each session on time, any children who arrive after 15 minute commencing of the session or after the warmup is complete whatever the latter. This is in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children. Warmup prior to the commencing of the activities are a requirement to reduce the risk or injury
    – Upon arrival if you child is unwell or displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or self isolation requirements following government guidance, entry may be refused
    – NEAT reserve the right to deny entry to a session
  • When booking onto any session held by NEAT parent / carer should complete the required paperwork before the session commences. This includes but is not limited to; Medical Consent and confirm you are able to train safely inline with the session activity, Medical and Dietary Requirement, GDPR, Photo and social media consent
  • Requirements for collection: All children must be collected by a responsible adult/person over the age of 16 and sign each child out of each session. Where applicable children may be able to walk home from a session unaccompanied by an adult, only inline with the schools walk home policy and consent from the responsible parent/carer of the individual in question.
  • Late collection will incur a £10 late fee per 15 minute liable to be paid before the next session commences. Failure to do so will result in your child being refused entry to the next session. Recurring late collections may result on your space being withdrawn form the service and impact your ability to book onto out sessions / services provided by NEAT
  • If you are unable to attend a session for whatever reason, please inform NEAT directly via email neatoffice@yahoo.com 48 hours prior to the session commencing. NEAT withhold the right to refuse a refund for sessions missed if the correct procedure if not followed. If you are not able to attend due to circumstances out of your control or covid related reasons, please inform NEAT directly via email neatoffice@yahoo.com and your cases will be assessed if a refund is eligible
  • At NEAT we support providing children with equal opportunities to takepart in all sessions/ services provided. If a child shows continuous disruptive behaviour throughout the session, NEAT staff will complete an incident form and require the parent signature at the end of each session. NEAT reserve the right to withdraw a child space if this impacts the running of the session or posses a health and safety risk to the individual, others attending the session and or the staff
  • Attendees of the session must inform their coach of an injury occurred during the session no matter how minor they believe this to be. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children and staff. Any incidents reported at the end of the session will followed up following the correct medical procedure in line with the medical policy.
  • Breakfast club, lunch club and wrap around clubs sessions will run inline with the school term dates and will be closed during the holidays. You will not be changed during these times. After school club sessions will run for 10 weeks only, you will only be changed for a block of 10 weeks. All after school club payments are required in full before the session commences
  • In the event you no longer want to participate in NEAT sessions, please inform NEAT directly via email neatoffice@yahoo.com within 14 days of the first session commencing, after this date NEAT reserve the right to issue a refund
  • Any bookings made after the first session commences will eccor a late booking charge of £5
  • NEAT coaches are trained in the correct techniques to prevent and protect injury to the individual, others attending the session and or the staff. Training techniques can be complicated a require specific training relevant to the activity. Please do not try to ‘spot’, ‘teach’ intervene or assist during the session, NEAT insurance covers coaches employed by NEAT. Any injury caused due to intervention from an external person will not be covered under NEAT insurance and may be liable.
  • Individuals who arrive to the session under the influence of drink, drugs, legal highs or any other extremities will be asked to leave the premises / training ground and their space may be withdraw permanently.
  • Individuals who display threatening, intimidating or abusive behaviour will be asked to leave the premises immediately and their space or child’s space withdrawn with immediate effect. This falls in line with the Section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986, or ‘Threatening Behaviour’.
  • When completing your booking you are providing consent for third parties to hold your personal data to complete your booking.
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